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+2 votes
My "Forgotten FTFs?"-list shows lots of logs that are STFs, TTFs or even other logs that are no FTFs.
Is it possible to mark these logs somehow so they don't pop up in this list anymore?
in Support and help by Worlddiver (140 points)
None I would know about. It would be nice if tagging them explicitly as STF similar way as FTF is tagged (or placing them in separate SFT bookmark) would do that.

1 Answer

0 votes

From the page:

 It lists caches that you have found on the first day that someone else found it on, and that are not listed as FTF at Project-GC

So it's following a set of rules but there isn't the functionality to remove them from that list.

Maybe something can be introduced similar to the Challenge caches tab where caches can be excluded by adding '[NOT-SIGNED]' to the log, e.g. '[NOT-FTF]', rather than cluttering up cache listings with 'I wasn't FTF' bookmark lists.

by bruzie (1.5k points)
I know and understand the way these caches end up in the list.
But the idea of the list is, that I can control these logs if they might be a forgotten FTF. Now I'd like to be able to decide and mark these logs as either FTF (using the markup e.g. {FTF} or non-FTF (maybe as you mentioned {NON-FTF} so I do not have to check the same logs over and over again each time I check the Forgotten-FTF list.
So if this could be added as a feature request, this would be great.
What is needed is select and deselect options to be introduced to the programming to allow user control over what is displayed.  Moving this thread to Feature Requests might be in order.