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GC7HZHZ checker says I do not fulfill challenge yet it lists the 100 cache finds in March.

0 votes
122 views and project-gc stats show that I have 100 finds in March. Checker lists 100 finds. But checker says I do not fulfill challenge.
asked Mar 23 in Bug reports by green_words (120 points)
It looks like you got the checker to go green so congratulations on completing the challenge.  That's what it took is to find 1 cache and the challenge itself did the trick.  I like the simple solutions.  Have fun caching.

4 Answers

+1 vote
As the checker is written, it requires more than the number of finds given in the limit to return OK, not just equal. Since you have exactly 100 finds in March, that affects you.

All checkers are created by volunteers. When there are problems with individual checkers, you should contact the person who has created it (listed as "tagged by" on the checker page) and ask them to adjust their checker.
answered Mar 23 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
0 votes
I ran the checker with your profile and mine.  Yes, it did work for mine but failed on yours.

There is still time left in March, I would suggest going out and finding and logging another 2 or 3 caches before the month expires.  Then, rerun the checker.  If it still fails to accept you as completing the challenge, then, it might be worth reaching out to the author of the challenge script.  Good luck.
answered Mar 23 by TigreToot (12,660 points)
0 votes
Have you checked that you do not have Labcaches included.

You need 101 "real" geocaches.
answered Mar 23 by supertwinfan (14,040 points)
But the challenge is to find at least "100" caches. And all of the caches listed are real caches as lab caches have no GC code.
0 votes

Your result is updated at the time not all your results were processed

[green_words]( has used [Project-GC]( "Project-GC Challenge Checker") to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

User has 101 finds (100 needed). Between(month,day) 03-01 & 03-31 Filters:()

answered Mar 23 by vogelbird (Expert) (50,950 points)
Well the only other cache I logged was the challenge.
Two of the caches below were not processed yet
GC8AFAT    Burn's Bison Post    2020-03-22
GC8AF9W    Burn's Log a Stick    2020-03-22
GC8AF8Y    Burn's Tree Rat    2020-03-22
GC89R10    Burns Road Dash 1    2020-03-22
GC8AFFC    The Odd Tee    2020-03-22
GC8BKPT    Another Bison Spotted on 64th    2020-03-22
GC86M84    Ladner Has a Hole In It    2020-03-22