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Monthly find streak

0 votes
I've looked for this feature, but can't find it...
The request is to show a streak of monthly finds by a cacher, with typical filters (country, etc.) and showing green for active streaks.
It would be very helpful if the cacher's first ever find is also included in the stat.
asked Mar 26 in Feature requests by Fier (120 points)
If this is not what you mean, please clarify what you search for:
The streak I'm looking for is "per month" the one I saw at that link is "per day"
OK, so you mean one find per a month. That does not sound very challenging. There is nothing like that I would know about, but with filters, it might be interesting statistics.
Yup, by itself it's not a challenge for most cachers. It is interesting with the filters (esp. the loop concept), and as a retrospective statistic if we can combine this with the date that a cacher made their first find as it shows dedication from day 1. (It is also a streak that is less likely to be broken by global pandemics)

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