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top streak chart [closed]

0 votes
My Profile Stat says my streak is at 336 days.

If I go to the "Top Caching Streaks" chart it lists me with a streak of 323 and appears to be no longer increasing.

Is there a problem?
closed with the note: Question answered
asked Mar 29 in Support and help by BernieH (340 points)
closed Mar 30 by BernieH

1 Answer

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Best answer
Without checking your data, I assume that the reason is that you have a day where you only logged a lab cache. Lab caches are only included in the Profile Statistics, not in top lists (like Top Caching Streaks) or other tools.
answered Mar 29 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,800 points)
selected Jul 17 by BernieH
Yes, that is true, 1 day with lab caches only.
I would have assumed the Profile Statistics page would have created a variable for storage and all other charts and tools would use that variable rather than having to do the calculation over and over?
I and other cachers share the same Challenge. Why isn’t it included in the Top lists?

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