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Hi, I understand that Badgegen in licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. I would like to ask for a clarification on the ND clause: am I allowed to use (a subset of) the images of the badges (without change) on the different website or would you consider it to be a derivative work even if I don't edit or modify the badges themselves? What about requirements for getting a badge? Do you also consider them to be a "work" which is protected by ND clause, so they can't be tuned to my needs?

in Support and help by tomaszg7 (130 points)

1 Answer

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Please, check the license page detail:

If I understand it correctly, not only the graphics, but the whole concept/idea of BadgeGen is covered by the license including the requirements.

There is even FAQ what the adaptation/remix/transform means:

So for BadgeGen, I think it is fine to share the images of what you have achieved (indeed with a correct attribution), but creating a your own badgegen (or variant with same or different images and different requirements would be certainly considered remix (and will not be allowed).
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
I would understand it the same way.

Displaying the unedited badges (with a proper reference and attribution) - totally fine.

Using different requirements for the (same) badges - no.

Building a new badge system (other graphics and requirements) - I guess it depends on how big the differences are.
We know there are quite similar systems out there, but there are distinct enough and all build on the old BadgeGen, which was considered abandoned, and several people developed it individually.

Maybe you can reach out to us (also via GC Message or email) and explain a little what you have in mind? Maybe it could directly get integrated into BadgeGen. :)