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Using Profile stats at profile

0 votes
I am using Project GC profile stats on my profile. When will this show up in my accumulated points?
asked Apr 2 in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (1,490 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
It counts after the first day if you are a paid member.

But you need not only one person visiting your Profile Stats. Don`t know how many users have to visit your stats to get 0.01 point. But it takes serveral (think >10).

Also for the other points you need to do some own actions:

You should already have 10 points for Active Membership as you are Paid Member.

For a Validated email address you get more points (activate it in your settings)
answered Apr 2 by supertwinfan (12,850 points)
selected Apr 3 by WanderingExplorer
0 votes
When I set up my profile to display my PGC profile stats, the points showed up in less than a day under a category called 'Profilestats usage.'  PGC downloads the data everyday so it has quick turn around time and updates your points daily. You don't gain a lot with this and the only way it will increase is if others look up your profile stats.
answered Apr 3 by TigreToot (5,590 points)
edited Apr 4 by TigreToot