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I would like to see only challenges which I have not been to. That means I switch off the ones which I have already found on the map (as explained above). Can I also switch off the ones, which I have visited and written a note for?
related to an answer for: Map of Challenge Caches
in Support and help by meerblau (190 points)

1 Answer

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think that is not possible as you wished it.

On the left side of the challenge map you have a cog/wheel button.

You can switch on/off your found and owned challenges.

Every challenge with a write note has a small pencil symbol bottom right of the challenge. But you can't switch off the ones without this pencil. 

Perhaps you can ask for this in the feature request area. Sounds like a good idea.

You have seen the tab within your profile statistics? For paid members you have a list of all your caches with a wirte note. All noted challenges which aren't logged or owned are listed. 

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
The pencil is NOT for write note, but for personal note in the cache listing.
I just had another look at the map. The pencil on the lower right seems to show the challenges, where I have written a note to the listing and not necessarily been to the cache.
The ones, which I have been to but not fulfilled the criteria (logged with a write note) seem to have a little paper and pen symbol at the top right.
@meerblau. Good point. I don't have around many signed caches so I missed it in the first place. It would be nice if we could filter by these too.
you`re right. Sorry. I use this personal note for challenges I signed just to know when I signed them (date). Some owners do not like write notes within there challenges.