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+11 votes
in Support and help by misty's muskateers (490 points)
retagged by pinkunicorn (Moderator)

1 Answer

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No. Information about lab caches can not be retrieved via Groundspeak's API which is what we use to fetch information about caches. This means that we can not make statistics about lab caches since we can't get information about them. If Groundspeak changes their API to include lab caches we can most likely include statistics about them as well, but not before that.

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
Thank you for the answer but you did not answer my question I was already aware of the problems with groundspeak API
my question was if a user interface could be provided for users to at least input their lab cache numbers and date so the overall statistics would show them
+1 for manually inputing your labs. This doesn't have to show up anywhere else but your own statistic to keep the numbers coherent with
For me personally, I think you should make this a paid feature.
+1 please add this feature. It's frustrating that PGC and GD total find count differs
I'd probably pay for this feature too!
How about manually entering the # of lab caches and the date?