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A friend of mine (Grubenhex) and I frequently share the information about our statisitcs. recently I (being a paid member) looked up her statistiks about her finds seeing 70 caches with about 15888 finds and 899 FP's. At the same time my friend (being a basic member) looked up the same page with her account. She only saw owning 58 caches with 12146 finds and 583 FP's.

How can this happen?? Her GC-Profile shows 70 caches in her posession!

A few days ago she adopted a bunch of caches and the twelve missing caches did not show up a finde in the timeframe between adpotion and regeneration of the stats. I assume the stats will build up to the figures I can see with my account once the caches receive some new logs. it's confusing

But anyway - there seems to be a bur in the way you collect the stats if a basic member or a paying mamber is doing (the same) inquiry.

pictures see


Andreas aka andi_ilvese

in Bug reports by andi_ilvese (200 points)
I am not a paid member.  I looked up Grubenhex and this is the result returned:

Grubenhex has received 15892 found logs
on 70 hidden geocaches, by 804 geocachers
Data from 2020-04-07

Then I looked at her Badgegen stats and saw 899 favorite points.

It appears to be listing her hides and FPs properly for me.

1 Answer

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Project-GC actually has two profile stats pages for each person: one for that person themselves and one for everyone else. The difference is that the personal version includes a few stats related to the home location, which are hidden for other people.

In this case, what happens is probably just an effect of you looking at the pages at different times so that one of you got a page generated before and the other after the system had refreshed the adopted caches. This has nothing to do with being a paying member or not; all members are looking at the same information.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)