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+1 vote
When you click on a certain spot on google maps, it shows you the driving time from your home location. Could you add something like this for geocaches so that people know how long it takes to get to certain geocaches? The best would be a sorting option for finding out which geocache is the one with the shortest driving distance.
in Feature requests by mr.checkmate (130 points)
This is interesting idea. but the point of geocaching is not that you drive somewhere to pick up a cache. In the past, it was not about the numbers, but about getting out of the car, into the nature and into seeing something interesting out there.
Sure, time changes. Today it's about climate change and picking the caches with less emissions due to driving.
I think it's a valid question. It doesn't have to be about drive-and-grab. A cache might be deep inside a forest or on a mountain top and you have to go into the nature. But you have to get there first. Some people live in cities or have found most caches in their homezone. For them it might be interesting how long it takes to get to the trail head.

4 Answers

+2 votes
I usually just copy the cache coordinates into google maps and it provides me that information.
by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points)
That's what I do as well, but for five and more caches it's complicated.
0 votes
All smartphone apps I know have a direct link to Google Maps and Apple Maps. Once you select a cache, there's a "navigate to" entry somewhere in the menu. Try this.
by Stuttguy (280 points)
Of course I do this, but I was looking for a tool that shows the driving time for several caches in an overview.
Then you might want to try It's a system where you can plan your trips. You add caches or free coordinates (e.g. your home) to a trip as waypoints and you can calculate a route. I haven't fully figured out whether you can optimise your route automatically and whether you can combine segments where you drive with segments where you walk. I just used it once and it gave me a fine overview.
I have used several times as well. It's really goodin planning or optimising a route. Be sure to include the parking coords, if you are travelling by car.
0 votes
There is also a macro in GSAK to plot a drive route. I do not know if it takes into account speed restrictions and thus driving time.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.2k points)
–1 vote
A traveling salesman problem solver on the page could help.

In the Cachly application, I use Waze to navigate to the cache, it's very simple and cool.
by ivans (350 points)