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Has there been any discussion around being able to show a heat map on certain maps? For example for a given US state could there be some kind of shading to show which counties have more (or less) concentration of caches?

To add clarification I am asking about caches that a person has found.  I wish I could add a picture here to show what I am referring to but I will see if I can add some clarity.  So lets say I found 1000 caches in my state and they are spread across 10 different counties. The darkness of shading in those counties would depict my found cache concentration.
in Feature requests by WanderingExplorer (6.2k points)
edited by WanderingExplorer
Interesting idea but the 'concentration' (number of caches per unit area, most likely) will have to consider terrain as well. In a hill or mountain region, even heavily populated counties could take a long time to complete.
This request was specific to each individuals count of caches found and not intended to address elevation.  I have seen heat maps as part of GSAK statistics and was curious of such was discussed/considered for Project GC statistics.
Are you thinking of something like a "Number of Caches per square mile" or something. That would be an interesting map.
Was thinking like number of found caches per state or county maps.
Are you referring to the number of caches found in a geographic area by anyone in total. For example, Florida has X number of caches that have been found by X number of people.
Are you asking for the Caches Per area tool at to show a map?
No not the same thing.  I added some more detail to the questions.  I will see if I can send you a message on
I understand.  The current maps are under profile stats are found or not found.  You would like more shading based on the number found.
Yes that would be nice. Like in GSAK
Something like this?

Yes, this would be nice to see. I have been surprised that this isn't available here, given the overall usefulness of everything else on the site. Just about every other statistics site/tool out there offers this kind of shading - GSAK,, macdefender, even the old

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