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There's a special Geocoin, that requires you to add the GC code of your 250th cache. Of course, you could count to 250 in your log list on GC. However, I'd like to know if you can get a numbered list of all your finds? Or if you can search for the n-th find?
in Support and help by Stuttguy (280 points)
You have more experience than I do in geocaching so no need to go into what you probably already know.  After spending some time looking on PGC, I did not come across any tool that would help you.  

I looked at both Milestones areas of PGC and (GC).  I also looked at Found It logs under GC statistics and it doesn't show anyway to filter for finds by number.  It looks to me like you will have to extrapolate.

As you probably already know, the Milestones lists do not synchronize between GC and PGC.  I have not seen anyway to pick which cache I want to show as a Milestone on PGC like I was able to do on GC.

May I suggest changing this to Feature Requests?
Thanks for the reply. I was also looking at both sites and didn't find this very feature. There's just one thing that caught my eye: At GC, my highest milestone is 1000, 2000 will be my next. At PGC it's the 1500th, with 2000 being presumably the next. Either GC has the 1500th cache but doesn't show it, or PGC has another way to get it.
Getting the nearest milestone and then count to the target is ok for low numbers. Beyond 1000 it gets tedious.
Yes, I noticed that as well, both GC statistics and PGC have different intermediate goals after 1000.  GC statistics increase by 1000 and PGC increases by 500.  I agree it would be very tedious.

1 Answer

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I don't recall a tool for this on PGC, but you could download your MyFinds-Pocket Query open it in Excel (or any other program that opens .csv) sort it by LogID or date and locate the desired find.
by clappy (16.3k points)
I was also thinking about that. I still asked, because I love integrated solutions :)
After having tried your idea, can you help me?
How do I get a csv file from a PocketQuery. If I create a MyFinds-PocketQuery on the GC site, I only can download a gpx file of all the caches. That's not really Excel-stuff.
I had the exact same problem when I went through the process described by @clappy.
I did it several weeks ago, it had be a workaround, if I remember correctly.

You get the MyFinds.gpx via a Pocket Query.

You could use an (online) converter (GPX to CSV) such as GPSBabel, however there is often a size limit. I found an Excel-Spreadsheet with macros (in German) where I could import the GPX and that did everything I wanted:
(Please note that I am not the owner of these file and I cannot guarantee for its safety)
No worries.  I'm grateful for the explanation and process.  Thanks for the help.
What I found working for me is an interpreter based on awk to essentially transform gpx files into any other format that I like (or can handle easier). Speed is massively higher than with an Excel macro solution.
The Excel solution worked, thank you (and I'm German, so no language barriers). However, none of the spreadsheets runs on a Mac with MS Office. I had to use a Windows computer.
I was using the Virtual GPS function and noticed that it has an export tab.  I wonder if it could be developed to have an import capability?  The output format is already in a spreadsheet layout.