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–6 votes
What would it be nice to have a screen (format someting as the Facebook startpage) showing all de logs of my Friends (ref in time-chronological order.

What woudl it be nice if I would receive also an email (optional) if a new log of my friends is published.
in Feature requests by ype (110 points)
I have often wondered about the same thing - it seems silly that didn't implement this themselves, as it would be a good use of the "Friends"-system and would encourage people to write better logs :-). I'm surprised by the number of downvotes, but perhaps it seems a little to much of a bigbrother'ish feature? I have voted it up though - I would personally love this feature :-)

1 Answer

0 votes
There's an app for iOS called Hamster that does something similar for keeping track of friends finds. I'm not sure if it's available for other systems. Based on the number of down votes this doesn't seem like a popular feature for this site which should probably leave social networking to other sites.
by Mike+Ea (290 points)