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How about a "Logbook nearly full" notification for Owners?

+4 votes
At first, I have honestly no idea, if this is even possible or how complex the realisation is, but today i had the idea for a notification for owners, when logbooks are nearly full.

This is how it works (or could work):

We know that the standard PET-Preform logbook has the space for maybe 100 logs.

PGC evaluates the logs for the statistics, so PGC knows how many logs were approximately made after the last replacement of the logbook.

When, for example, 90 Logs were made, PGC could send a mail to the owner "The logbook of your cache GC123456 is 90 % full".

So that PGC can correctly determine the number of logs possible, the owner has to give PGC the correct number. This might be done directly on PGC with a new menu, or via the Owner maintenance log by adding the number in the log, for example:"Logbook was replaced *100*" Like with *FTF*, PGC sees the *100* as "100 possible logs" and resets the counter for the cache to 0.

I hope this idea doesn't sound too stupid or so, but it could help improving the maintenance of caches.
asked Apr 26 in Feature requests by capsai (710 points)
If this were to be considered one thing to keep in mind is the size of the cache container to predetermine possible space for logs. Obviously there would be more room to sign on a notepad placed in a large cache versus a small sheet on a nano cache.
The idea is very good, but I think it would be best to have this feature directly on GEOCACHING.COM.

3 Answers

+1 vote
Actually, I think the idea behind it is pretty well thought. I don't know how much effort it is to implement it, but I think it could be nice option.

It would be best to have such features directly on (via need Maintenence, way more option than the default 3 or 4), but I think this might not happen.

It might take some time for COs to update their caches/logbooks, but I think I would use such a feature.
answered Apr 26 by clappy (9,900 points)
+1 vote
In my humble opinion, there are no 'stupid' ideas unless you were asking PGC to convert lead into gold.  If only!  I like this idea and I would recommend suggesting it to Groundspeak via  They already have a database that could implement the email notifications. If I'm not mistaken doesn't every active cache already tally Found It logs?  They could set up a notification system that the CO can toggle on or off.  Of course, it all depends on whether everyone actually signs and dates the log sheet.  I have noticed a lot of people do arm chair caching these days.

From my time reading through this forum, I have noticed that resources are limited and can't expand unless donations and paid memberships occur.  Yes, I just bought a membership to help toward increasing resources (my sales pitch, LOL) Wouldn't this require a lot of resources to track on 3 million + caches?
answered Apr 26 by TigreToot (12,710 points)
+1 vote
At first I tough this would be good idea. But after that I had the different logbook size and styles. So it would be needed that you tell the System how many logs are possible.

We have the nano logbook, normal petling or big size petling logbook. And so many other kind of logbook.

At the end it is not a task for projec-gc.

But perhaps within the maitanance site you can tell how many logs this cache is good for. So it is an alert system where you can yourself choose the level of alerts.
answered Apr 28 by supertwinfan (14,210 points)