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0 votes

Hi togehter,

in my D/T- Matrix i think there´s a mistake between project-GC an

I missing the 5/2.5 Cache in project-GC. I found the cache. It´s: GC4XVHG

I don´t know why this is not shown at project-GC


Thanks in advance for your help.



Jörg (Citizenx18)

in Bug reports by Citizenx18 (120 points)
recategorized by Citizenx18

1 Answer

+1 vote
Looks like project-gc thinks it is a 5/3 instead, my guess is at some point the rating was changed by project-gc hasn't noticed yet.
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
mole125 is most likely right. It takes a while for project-gc to notice such changes, but it will correct itself.
Does that mean a cache that was 2.5/1.5 when I found it but has recently changed to 4.5/1.5 will eventually update my stats (and fills in a new box on my matrix)?
Yes, there is no history of rating. The actual rating of the geocache is what counts. Works the same with statistics at

It's most likely that the geocache had a faulty rating from start. If the geocache is moved or changed, it should in my opinion get archived and replaced by a new one instead. In my opinion.
Sweet. In my case it was a challenge cache and when the owner attempted his own challenge he found it a lot more difficult than he thought so he bumped it up.