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currently my stats are as follows:

Positive Attribute: 63 von 66 gesammelt (95.5%)
Negative Attribute: 41 von 41 gesammelt (100.0%)

but the badge states 4 are missing:

The Attribute Cacher (Diamant)
The Attribute Cacher5070808590951001032024 (3%)

Am I wrong or this is a bug in badge calculation?


in Support and help by neomx (230 points)
recategorized by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
I have as well a problem with this badge.
In BadgeGen-Tab ( ) stands the following:
Aktuell: 98    Verbleibend: 2 (40%)

In the Finds-Tab ( ) stands:
Positive Attribute: 61 von 66 gesammelt (92.4%)
Negative Attribute: 39 von 41 gesammelt (95.1%)

That's in total 100 out of 107, why are just 98 counted for my sapphire badge?

1 Answer

+2 votes
You already have diamond level on the attribute badge, which means that that information tells you how many attributes you are missing in order to "loop" the badge (i.e. to have logged every attribute at least twice). In order to do that, you need to find caches with these attributes:

- Abandoned mines

- Campfires

- Snowshoes

- NOT Long hike (+10 km)

Also note that the attribute badge treats a few attrbutes special. To begin with, it does not count the Needs maintenance attribute at all since caches are not supposed to have that. Also, the attributes, Geotour, Partnership and Lost & Fouch tours (neither of which you have) are treated separately. They are not included in the normal requirements for the badge. Instead, for each of them that you log, your attribute badge will receive an addon mark.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
Thanks for clarification!