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+1 vote
Yesterday, I earned the most recent Blue Switch Day 2020 souvenir and noticed it is listed in the uncategorized category in my profile stats.  Shouldn't this be listed under Specific-day souvenirs category like the one I earned on 2017-05-02?
closed with the note: Issue was resolved.
in Bug reports by TigreToot (26.6k points)
closed by TigreToot

1 Answer

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It happens often that new souvenirs are "uncategorized" for the first couple of days. Had that with several Event-specific souvenirs before. Give it some days, and it should be corrected.

I don't know how the sorting is done, but I suspect it's manually.
by clappy (16.3k points)
selected by TigreToot
Sorting typically happens on the first day after a souvenir appearing that I have access to a computer. In this particular case that is today. Fixed now.
OK, thank you.  Lots of time on my hands to study statistics these days.  I would rather be out finding geocaches.  All this time in self-isolation has given me new insight on a lot of processes an procedures how PGC does things.