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+1 vote
I understand that there are, at least some, Geocachers who like to solve jigsaw puzzles and think they have appreciated a “jigsaw list”.

With a simple search for '', '', '' and '%jigidi%' in the cache descriptions you get most puzzle caches and as it’s almost a "run once" search it shouldn't burden your server farm to hard.
in Feature requests by T4C4 (190 points)
edited by T4C4
I agree, be nice to see a list of the jigsaw puzzles

1 Answer

+4 votes
In case you are a premium (paying) member, this can be done using <Advanced Search>  via <Home> <Dashboard>.

Simply enter    jigidi  in the field <description>. It may be wise to add some other criteria to reduce the selection to manageble proportions.
by WeinWalker (440 points)
Had no idea that advanced search was available.  Thanks.
I should use the Advanced Search more often :-)