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+1 vote
Great work was going on, with this project, with lots of updates and interactions with us users, and then .... nothing.   It's just been silence. There have been no updates for at least two months.   What happened?  Is the project on hold for some reason?
in Miscellaneous by DrPflug (700 points)

3 Answers

+5 votes
We are currently testing the Country Badges in the developer's area and we expect to release them in the near future.

It took me longer in designing the ~250 unique flag icons (due to the current situation and doing this in my spare time next to a full-time job) and in the last couple of weeks PGCs focus was on some things in the background of the website.

We are still on it, the main badges will receive a slight color change with the next update and then we can focus on the Country badges and see how they perform once they are live.
by clappy (13.8k points)
yeah, i already see new country badges. Seems to be ok, only "FTF add-on" does not work properly yet for me. It is presented only for some countries while other ones are still missing. But in FTF section of profile stats are all my FTFs correctly displayed.
since I don't see the Country Badges on my own profile, I have to ask back:

The missing FTF, are they on countries you don't have at least Ruby status yet?

If yes, that's the current default (though we are discussing it), if not, it's a bug.

EDIT (2020-05-14 07:33 UTC+2):
I have them now on my profile, it is as I suspected. FTF missing on all non-gem badges. This is the current default, like for the regular badges.
+1 vote
In progress and ongoing, and more importantly, unpaid. If you want it in a hurry please use the appropriate appreciation method: $$$
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.8k points)
0 votes
As far as I understand it, the main badges were completed and the project shifted to working on country badges.  I believe that work is still in progress and ongoing.
by TigreToot (23.1k points)