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How do you make a pocket query from the caches on a county map? [closed]

0 votes
Looking to do the caches in a specific county.
closed with the note: Question answered.
asked May 17 in Support and help by rainbowtree (120 points)
closed May 18 by rainbowtree
I am interested in this as well but I only found the ability to filter by zip code.  I did not see anything that allows filtering by county.

2 Answers

0 votes

Have you tried the with filtering state, and/or country. 

Or are you searching for a much more detailed area on a map and use the caches in this smaller area for a pocket query ?

answered May 17 by supertwinfan (13,360 points)
The pocket query does not let you search by county. Looking for Elk County and Forest County in Pennsylvania. Thanks.
0 votes
I am not really sure whether I can help you as I do not use pocket queries.

However, you can get a map and/or list of all geocaches you have not found in a given county using Map compare, e.g. for your case of Elk County:

I assume you can then extract the list to your GPS and achieve what you were looking for?

Sorry if this misses the point.
answered May 18 by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
Thank you. Was able to export to a bookmark and then make a pocket query.
Much appreciated!