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+1 vote
I've been using the Hidden Month checker searching to see if I can find a cache hidden in October 2002 to fill my Jasmer month hidden calendar, but I can't find any in Europe. Is that correct? Are there any at all left in the world?
in Support and help by CapJackSparrow (230 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Thanks for that link pinkunicorn. It clearly shows some caches in Sweden. I was a bit doubtful that there were no caches at all for that month/year combination.

However, if I use the Map Hidden Month page to perform the same query it returns no caches found.  Does that mean there's a possible bug in the MapHiddenMonth code?

Here's the query I used:
Aha! I see what the problem is now.  I do actually have a (very recent) find on a cache hidden in October 2002.  The Map Hidden Month simply says "no caches found" meaning that there is no search required.

The reason I was looking is because the Month Hidden calendar grid on my profile page has not been updated yet (I'm not a paying member) and therefore I was searching for a year/month combination that looks empty, but is in fact filled.  Once my stats get recalculated the profile page calendar will be updated and the cell will have a number in it.

So ... user error is the root cause of the problem ... doh!
0 votes
There are 585 in the United States. It is interesting as when I initially looked I found none, but I have that box filled. I had to use one of my friends profile names to locate them
by kf4hvt (830 points)