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+2 votes

there is a difference between the number showing in the tool 360 from home (312 done) and the number showing for the badge „All Around Cacher“ (only 311, missing one!).

Anyone else who has the same effect?

Currently it is not a problem, there are still enough to go. The last one will be difficult for the Diamond Badge, not knowing which bearing is missing.

Any idea?

Kind Regards

closed with the note: The difference is gone when finding a cache with bearing 359-360. Both figures are now the same! Strange but past
in Bug reports by BHR716 (310 points)
closed by BHR716

3 Answers

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after spending some more time into the displayed difference (loading and analysing all funds with GSAK), I found out some strange thing and I think I know, where the bug come from:

In GSAK I have the same result (311) as within the badge overview "All around cacher" (311)

Only the tool "360 from home" shows 312!. The difference comes from bearing 359-360! which I haven't done yet!

When you start the GC tool "360 from home" in view "Overview", the bearing 359-360 is missing!!!. It will not be displayed! It goes from 358-359 directly to 0-1 !

Can someone confirm that?

I guess, the logic behind the 312 is: 360 minus "0 finds". The one 359-360 is obviously not calculated which ends up with 312.

Switching to view "Map" shows also a strange behaviour:

If bearing is done, it says: Bearing 353-354: 5 finds

If bearing is not done, it says : Bearing 303-304: 1 missing

On bearing 359-360 (yes, here you can highlight it), it says: undefined finds!

So, I think I have to do a bearing 359-360 and everything will be good for the future.

Any idea how this could find the way to some developers at project-gc?

Thanks a lot in advance

Kind Regards

by BHR716 (310 points)
After running the tool, I see no discrepancies.  The 359-360 bearing displays just fine in both overview and map and I have found 4 caches inside it.  All the other bearings work perfectly.  I'm not exactly sure what is going on but I don't think it needs to be referred to developers.  There may be some anomaly that is specific to your profile.
In the meanwhile I have done a 359-360 cache and as expected from me, everything is fine now, even the bearing is now displayed in Overview.
0 votes
I have not experienced that problem.  I looked up your BadgeGen statistics and confirmed that you have 311 sectors/radials completed.  I did try to use a Shift + Reload page function but nothing changed. I can't run the 360 from home tool for your profile since I am not logged into your account.  My suggestion is to wait 1 more day for your statistics to update and then see if it corrects.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
Waiting doesn‘t solve the problem, because this permanent difference of 1 started some time ago, having about 260 bearings or so. I thought, time will solve it, but it has not so far.
Thanks for replying.  OK, I didn't know from your post that the problem has persisted for so long.
0 votes

Sometimes these small discrepancies stem from whether or not you have ticked the option "Use official ignore list for travelling geocaches" in the profile stats settings as some functions in case you do not exclude those "strange" caches take those caches in consideration.

However, I cannot say whether this might be the origin in your case as the 360 tool does not yet work for normal members.

by k+gw+a (12.6k points)