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I am trying to complete the FL DeLorme Challenge. Is there a way to search for caches within my missing Delorme grids?

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Looking to see if there is a tool on here to find caches within a delorme grid that I am missing

asked Jun 8 in Miscellaneous by Africacher (170 points)

1 Answer

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This has been requested several times over the years.

Currently it seems from the last time it was asked that the answer is still no, it hasn't been added as a feature.

I know some Delorme checkers have been added, but those have been based on individual users' input to checkers.  Since Delorme maps are a copyrighted resource, there may be copyright issues in project-gc using Delorme polygons as search criteria. Or it may just be that the different polygons just haven't been added.

This cacher posted an answer as to how he uses different resources to accomplish this, but I don't see how the MapDelorme GSAK macro can be used for this, as for me it just comes up with a graphic, not an interactive map.  They may have been referring to the GSAK challenge macro, which outputs a Delorme map grid to Google Earth.  It has an option to run for caches you haven't found. So if you populate a database in GSAK with caches that meet different criteria you'd prefer to search for (large caches only? only virtuals and earthcaches?) and then run the challenge macro, it'll show you which pages the caches fall on.  Though I will say that I preferred running the challenge macro just to get the polygons visible in Google Earth, turning off some of the map layers the macro puts out to just display the grid, and then using the Google Earth macro to show where caches in a given database fall on the grid - the Google Earth macro shows icons better.

There is of course, the manual option of getting hold of a Delorme atlas and using the map search to plan which caches to hunt.

answered Jun 8 by hzoi (7,670 points)
It would be nice, I suppose. But for me the DeLorme challenge has always been about navigating on real maps. I've only ever cached on an iPhone, so using the physical DeLorme map to cross-reference possible page locations with search results is kind of fun. I'll make Lists with selected caches on a page I need, then load those into the phone. The back-and-forth adds an intriguing dimension. Yes, I do have to buy the maps, but I use them for camping and other travel needs.