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Would it be absurdly difficult to have a version of the Maps page that reflects only FTF's? I'd been attempting to get an FTF in each (broadly defined) local county, and the lack of a visual guide was a nuisance.

in Feature requests by B2Pi (180 points)
If you keep a list of your FTFs in a bookmark list, you can use that list to generate your FTF list on PGS rather than tagging the log, and you can also map that list on Groundspeak by creating a PQ.
All of that is true, but it doesn't really address my question. What I want to see (graphically) is that, of 12 local counties, I don't have FTF's in 6 of them.

Kind of like if I were able to use the Maps tab, but restrict the caches listed to FTF's....

2 Answers

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Have you attempted to use the 'Not found caches' function under Map Based - Tools?  It is for paying members.  You can filter by country, state / region, county and even by size / type / date etc. to see all the caches that have not been found and still waiting for an FTF.

Go to this link:

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
Nope. That's the opposite of what I mean. I'd like the equivalent of, but restricted to my FTF's.
Sorry, your question and subsequent explanation wasn't clear enough to understand what you were actually looking for.  No worries, at least I tried.
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I currently do this with lists on both the GC & PGC site. Create your list (various ways to do this), then click on the 'map it' option depending on the site.
by TrendyMagic (1.7k points)
That's a great way of showing a map, but I'm looking for a map that shows, in my case, states and counties....
Use the Virtual GPS here on PGC. Does it show the boundaries for you that way? Yes it would be nice to have a green/red ID like the general county checkers have.

Also search the challenge checkers in case someone may have already made one?