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+8 votes
in Support and help by TigreToot (26.6k points)

2 Answers

+7 votes
Best answer
Due to wide-spread abuse (people running thousands of checkers each day).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
selected by TigreToot
Having been geocaching long enough to understand how people exploit loopholes in this game, that was what I suspected but it was necessary to confirm.  Sad that a few always ruin it for the rest.  Thanks for the update.
Why not add a limit to how many checkers can be used per day?
I concur.  A daily limit should be considered.
Yes that would be a solution.

I feel being a victim of this one-sided decision:
I have been set back about 800 positions in the ranking due to this.
I have been (and will be) logging a Challenge Cache per Day since feb 1 2019.
During a trip a will find as many "green" challenges on the map and put a Write Note on them
Later, day by day, I use the Checker on one of the green ones, get the fulfillment log and post my Find/Fulfillment Log.....

Please get this sorted out in a fair way.
@WeinWalker I recommend posting your opinion as an answer on my follow-up question under this link

I was set back, as well, but not nearly as much as you were. The reason I suggest posting to my other question is that you have a positive reason to run checkers that counters the opinion "no good reason."  There are plenty of positive reasons to run checkers besides doing it to stack numbers.  I'm not trying to stir up any controversy but I do believe that people should be heard on this issue.
I'm sure there will be people worse off than myself, but I lost over 2500 places.
:( I was so stoked, I thought I finally might get a Emerald badge this year and than all of a sudden it dropped to Ruby. At least this explains the sudden drop in points.
Seems like it will be another Sapphire year than.
+1 vote
For me it was a regular opportunity to fight my way up the rankings. At the beginning of the year I had some checkers check every day to earn points - Now in the middle of the year, changing the conditions for earning points is unfair to me.
I have now fallen from the hard-fought 60th place to 1188th place and have lost the desire to do so.
All other ways to get many PGC points are for rich members (donation), or for computer specialized members (create checkers).
by Spasskaiser (700 points)
The PGC Badge is unique appreciation for a limited amount of people who are helping PGC. It is not based on amount of points you get, but each level is for a limited number of people.

It is not something you should be able to "farm" just by running hundreds challenge checkers every day. Do you feel it is fair that these people would get recognition instead of the people who spend hours of their free time or their money?
To make it clear: I did not run hundreds of checkers every day.
Of course I respect the work that many people here do and I have already donated money.
What makes me furious is that all of a sudden the points I've achieved have disappeared.
I don't think it's right to do this without announcement and justification.