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I was not sure how else to ask this question so I am putting it here under miscellaneous. I see on the Project GC - Webshop there is a Project GC-T-shirt.  I wanted to ask if there were any plans to create a more current version.
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The idea is a good one and with a catchy design it could help raise more money for the PGC cause.

1 Answer

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There is not. The issue is that it's too expensive producing them and shipping them. We created these to sell at a local Mega (and the jet plane is associated with that). By selling them at an event we didn't have shipping costs.

Those we have in the store now are sold with a net loss if I recall correctly. The shirts themselves have a price that's good enough, but if I am not wrong the shipping is free, which makes us lose money on them, at least if it's international.

We weren't too happy about the design ourselves either in the end. They would have been much better with a print on the front as well.
by magma1447 (Admin) (229k points)
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