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+2 votes
It would be nice to be able to add the 'hidden date' as a filter to new cache notifiers. That way, you'll be able to receive notifications for events on a specific date. On the other hand, it wouldn't make sense for non-event type caches, for which it would only create confusion. Still, I like the idea.
in Feature requests by Vooruit! (1.1k points)
This seems to have limited value to me. As you say, for non-event caches you can always go and claim those finds anytime after, the alert is really only for events. Which must mean it is only useful for those who either do very little geocaching or who must travel a long way (because all the local caches are found?), to help with their Jasmer grid.

You could always set up a monthly geocaching meeting...
Maybe I didn't make myself clear: it doesn't have anything to do with Jasmer. Let's say I'm on vacation in country X on date Y. I'd like to receive notifications for events that are held on that specific date in that specific place.
Just use Project-GC's new cache notifier set for events only. You might get a few published for after your holiday, but if you limit the area just to how far you are willing to travel it will not be too bad.
Technically, that does work of course, and it's how I have done it so far, but depending on the region, you certainly don't get "a few" mis-hits. More like, a lot. An additional filter would definitely help.
Seeing as how events have to be offered for publication at least 2 weeks in advance, wouldn't the tool Coming Events work for you?

Because that's what I use for my holidays

(Hoi Vooruit!, groeten uit Olst)
Hoi! That works too, but as I'm lazy, I'd like to receive relevant events directly in my mailbox. ;)
All I can suggest is what I do when on holiday somewhere. I temporarily change my 'Home' location to be the rough centre of where I will be and then I get all my normal notifications (including events) which has occasionally allowed me to get a FTF outside of my normal region :)

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