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Challenge Checker Tools Feature Request

+3 votes
I like Challenge Caches, and use the TOOLS - CHALLENGES page frequently to look for them.

Regardless of which of the 2 currently available tools I use, the 1 thing I cannot currently do is filter out ones I have already found.

The List version of the tool is limited to 100 Tags, but not as useful as it could be if half of those are challenges you already have completed.

The Map version gets visually clogged with the ones you have already found, especially when they are in close proximity with ones you haven't yet completed.

Can we have the ability to filter out 'ALREADY FOUND' please?

Thank you.
asked Jun 17 in Feature requests by TwigNZ (3,160 points)

1 Answer

+4 votes
Best answer
If you look on the left of the Map of Challenge Caches, the fourth icon down is PGC controls. Hover over it and you will see some control options. If you click on the smiley face you can toggle found caches on/off.
answered Jun 17 by WanderingExplorer (2,790 points)
selected Jun 29 by TwigNZ
That works well for the Map version, and I can also filter out my own CC - thank you :)

I'd still like to be able to filter out found ones from the List version though.
I'd like to upvote this as helpful, but can't so will leave a comment saying thanks instead!