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Finally decided to report this... ;-)
Next time you're doing some DB maintenance, the table that contains the Spanish regions, ie; Asturias, Castilla & Leon, etc, there is an incorrect entry in the "regions" pull-down, presumably due to a cut/paste error.
"Antwerpen" appears as a region of Spain, visible in any page where you choose a country then a region. This appears once you've selected "Spain" as the country.
I'm not sure how languages are dealt with, but this appears in my Macbook which is set to English(UK).

Rod (TeamRMRC)
in Bug reports by TeamRMRC (230 points)
I've just noticed that it's only in the "Only People From:" regional pull-down.

To replicate:
Statistics => TopFTF => "Only People From" = Spain


1 Answer

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Best answer
This is fixed now.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
selected by TeamRMRC