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+1 vote
i have seen these stats all over and only just visited the site and gave authorization today. it is very cool, but i am wondering why my stats are so old, from march 2020? not complaining, just curious! cheers.
in Support and help by izzyiz (130 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Check to see if you are signed in to Project-GC by authenticating.  Look in the upper right for a blue button and click on it to sign in.

Then try a Shift + Reload by holding down the Shift button and clicking on the browser page reload.

Hopefully this will refresh your stats.  Keep in mind that paying members stats update every 24 hours and non-paying users update every 7 days.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
thank you for the help!
0 votes
I've seen that you haven't went on caching from March to June. So there was no activity for project-gc to update your stats.

But with your 3 new logs in June your project-gc is now from 29th June 2020.

As TigreToots wrote. As non paying member of project-gc you have to wait about 7 days after new activity for updated stats in project-gc.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
edited by supertwinfan
thank you, this explains it! i appreciate it.