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Is there a way to search for caches hidden a certain date, for instance April 24?

+1 vote
In order to complete a challenge I need to find 10 caches hidden on April 24. The year is not important. Does anyone know how to search for them?
asked 6 days ago in Miscellaneous by Killakul (170 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

You can use the Map Compare tool, but it is difficult to get 24 April in every year all together. You may have to do each year individually, and stipulate the area you want to search. For example, I searched for caches hidden in the UK on 24 April 2019 and this is the resulting map and list which gave me 41 caches:

answered 6 days ago by GCZ Team (19,040 points)
Thank you - most helpful. Really appreciated. / Geocordialement, Killakul
+1 vote
If you're a paying member, you can use the "Loops" filter on the "Hidden date" tool:
answered 6 days ago by sumbloke (Expert) (32,390 points)
I tried you suggestion but couldn’t quite figure it out but no worries some of the other suggestions solved my problem. Having said that I still want to thank you for the time and the effort you put into responding/ geocordialement, Killakul
0 votes

Like GCT Team recommend I would use

for every year. As the result is shown on a map you can choose very fast which cache is in reach for caching. You can use this for every country you are.

answered 6 days ago by supertwinfan (13,360 points)
Thank you - most helpful. Really appreciated. / Geocordialement, Killakul