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+3 votes
Hello, is there any plans for new badges addons?

I sugges to add the addon for all terrain combinations for the cache types where is not possible to complete standard "81" matrix.
- requirements: total 9 caches (T1; T1,5; T2; T2,5; T3; T3,5; T4; T4,5; T5)
- this could apply for following badges: The Enviromental Cacher (CITO), The Social Cacher (events), The Mega/Giga Social Cacher?
in Feature requests by hynous (3.1k points)
I think it is a good idea to provide an addon if someone has achieved all 9 combinations but I suspect it will be one of those that is next to impossible to win. Events don't usually lend themselves to difficult terrain unless held on top of a mountain.  At least I haven't seen that yet, anyway.

2 Answers

+3 votes
I do not think there is a plan to add so many new add-ons as previously described by clappy:

Each of the add-ons have its own space and there is not place for 10 more around the badge.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
The Environmental Cacher badge has 4 empty slots as well as the The Social Cacher badge.
+2 votes
I will add your suggestion to our "ideas list".
Maybe we come up with an elegant way to implement it. Personally I don't like simply adding up to 9 individual T-add-ons, but maybe one if all T-combos are fulfilled. We think about it.
by clappy (13.8k points)
Hello, thank you. I didn't want 9 addons. It was a suggestion for 1 addon. Mentioned 9 terrain combinations are just requirements to achieve this one.
Nice to see that the suggestion was added to the list.  Thanks clappy.