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I tried to make translation of Statistics page complete and the best, because it is usually the first thing that new users see and are interested in.

Most of dates in Statistics are translated, but some of them are not. Here is the list:

  • Most consecutive months with an FTF:
  • Most finds in a calendar month:

(for example, this one is translated correctly: Most FTFs in a calendar month:)

I know that this is not priority one, nor much important, but it is going to make an impression on new users :) And I guess it will not be too difficult to fix it.

in Bug reports by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
To mention some more problems I found:
* "Hides" tab name is not translatable
* Hints like "Check this to hide your stats ", "Then save" are not translatable (probably new feature)
I have bookmarked this question and will get back at it. Just wanted to let you know.
Seems like there are more missing strings from language file:
* "Generate a calendar overview with filters using the Needed found dates tool"
* "Statistics produced with Project Geocaching" and lines below?
Otherwise it looks good.
Edit: no ... still the same for "Most finds in a calendar month:"

1 Answer

–1 vote

I Can`t find someting wrong. 

Most consecutive months with an FTF is as clear as it can be. Like your stats at There it is most consecutive days with a found.

The same for "Most finds in a calendar month" This has nothing to do with FTF`s


Correct me if a im wrong

by Galan_Anelith (480 points)
I didn't write that there is something not clear. I wrote that the translation of months is not complete and still shown in English (which is probably not visible in most of the languages, but it is in Czech).