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Map coloring of visited countries is not correct

+1 vote
1.) Map Europe: Faroe islands are not green in the map although visited and and showed up in the country list
2.) Map Africa:: Western Sahara is neither in the country list nor marked in green in the map although visited

Everything is fine on the world map. :-)

Please help to fix! Thanks!
asked Jul 1 in Bug reports by Proton26 (130 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
I don't see any problem with Faroe Islands, but I'll check on Western Sahara.
answered Jul 10 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
0 votes

I can confirm that the Faeror Islands on the map of Europe aren't colored, if you have found a cache on the islands. Only the map of Europe is affected. WorldMap and the Faeroe Map itself are perfect (generalization aside)

I reported this issue already in January 2019 ...

Hope this issue will fix now 8-)

answered Jul 15 by smellfooth (3,600 points)
edited Jul 15 by smellfooth