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I would like to see a statistic about a favourite rate (favourite points devided per Caches founded) without labs
in Support and help by AndyausDU (130 points)

1 Answer

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In which context?

Related to your finds, you can see your personal favourite rate on your statistics page:

"A total of 905,546 favourite points found (average: 113.18)"
(so you have 8001 cache founds without Labs and 905546 favs in sum)

Related to your hides, you can see your personal received favs on "Hide" section:

"Total favourite points received:116 (9.1%)"

This value is to be read difficult, e.g. if you host events or own a power-trail with many (unfavoured) hides.

Related to your given favourites there seems to be no statistic on PGC, but you can retrieve it from

Go to your favourite list on your profile. Copy & Past all lines in a spreadsheet.
Now you can see, that you've favourited 729 caches. With the 8001 founds you should have circa 70 favs to give.
(Besides: Your fav-give-rate (729/800 = 91 %) shows you are an grateful cacher not squirrel favs yes)

by Onkel Benny (3.2k points)
Yes, I know that all. Trank you for your answer.
But I would like to see an all over the world ranking or filtered between countries.
That is not possible.
Hmm, I not get it yet...

Related to your finds you can also use the Top Favourite Caches Page:

Here you can set filters (also custom filters).

Another approach would be the Favourite Points Per Area page:

This can be filtered in countries and states of those countries.

Maybe here a feature request on a specific filter can be defined?
Yes I knew that too.
I would like to see a New Ranking about geocachers with the average favourite qoute.
I still don't understand the specific ranking:

With the Favourite Points Cached Page, you can see the Ranking of Geocachers (Finders) with the found Favorite Points:

You can also filter the group of ranked Geocachers (Home Location of them) and also set an area of the found Geocaches.

What you meant with "favourite quote" isn't clear to me.
Of course, Geocachers can go and search only for (high) favored caches, but a quote doesn't make sense: To get a high favored cache quote, one should only find such high favored caches (e.g. only search and finde geocaches with a favo quote of >90 %).

This wouldn't be comparable:
Geocacher A found 2000 Geocaches and get a quote of 60% (e.g. found 1000 Geocaches with favo quote of 80% and 1000 Caches with favo quote of 40% results in 2000 Caches with median quote of 60%).

Geocacher B found 10 Geocaches and get a quote of 95%, hence only searching ten Top favored 95% Caches...

If your question is about Geocachers in their function as Owner, the Favourite Points Received Page shows the Ranking of Geocachers (Owners) with the received Favorite Points:

Here the same Filtering is applicable and same "uncomparability issue" will take place (1 Geocache hidden with 90% Favo quote <> 50 Geocaches hidden with mean value of 40% favo quote).

Best regards,
Onkel Benny
Maybe my english is not good enough, so I did not explain exactly enough, what I mean.
This is my average: 113,18, you wrote me: "A total of 905,546 favourite points found (average: 113.18)"
This is the average for example from geocacher "maxipimpf": 36.60 "A total of 737,555 favourite points found (average: 36.60)"

I would like to see a ranking with the average about all geocachers...

But thank you for your answering so much.

Best regards