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It seems some people still can find more than 100 procent of the caches in a certain area regarding to the "Top Found Procent" tool. 

E.g. In County X are 140 caches. Cacher Y has found 136 of them, 4 aren't found by cacher Y, cacher Y has 9 caches in this county of which 8 are logged by the cacher Y. Regarding to the Top Found Procent tool this cacher has found 103.57 procent of the caches in County X.

The way it is calculated:

136 founds + 9 own caches = 145 caches

145 caches / 140 caches = 103,57 procent

The way it should be calcultated:

136 founds + ( 9 own caches -8 caches that are logged by the CO itself) = 137 caches

137 caches / 140 caches = 97,86 procent


140 caches - 3 unfound caches that not belong to this cacher = 137 caches

137 caches / 140 caches = 97,86 procent

I don't take a position on whether it was neat to log your own caches in the past or not, but it seems to me  you are physically not able to find more than 100 percent of the caches in a given area.

in Bug reports by Gentse Haviken (1.1k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
This is not about the math as much as it is about performance. The solution we use is feasible, the more correct solution isn't.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)