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in Support and help by Simãopwr (360 points)
Maybe one of them was a type of event? They have a separate category on project-gc now. What's your username?

Edit: Found the profile
Events appear on that list too - all owned caches appear there except Labs

2 Answers

0 votes
Checked your profile. Project-gc can be a little behind and it looks like your newest hide still hasn't shown up on project-gc. Give it a few days and it will be there!
by StadsAlv (10.0k points)
On the top of the pgc page you can see:

Simãopwr has received 247 found logs
on 14 hidden geocaches, by 124 geocachers
Data from 2020-07-03

Since you hid your latest on the 4th, it hasn't synced yet.
If you subscribe to pgc it will sync faster, but either way it will get there.
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Since you are a non-paying user of Project-GC it will take 7 days to update from the date on your profile stats of 3 July 2020.  Look for the update on the 10th.

You could see it earlier and may I suggest giving the trial membership a try at the following link:  If you activate the trial membership today the update should happen by tomorrow.  Hopefully, you will see all the benefits of a membership and purchase one like I did.  Good luck.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)