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+1 vote

It would be interest to add type of cache "LAB" to "Statistic - Find stats - Top Finders" to the "Cache type / size" list for filtering.

in Feature requests by Lomnice (910 points)
It was my understanding that lab caches are virtual in nature meaning they do not have a container with a log inside to sign.  With that said, it would be impossible to assign a Cache type / size to them so filtering would be impossible.

Changes and updates to geocaching are happening very quickly these days so perhaps my understanding is outdated.
For me is interesting the list "Top Finders" of LAB caches in one country. Size of cache, logbook and container is not important and is not interesting.

1 Answer

+1 vote
A lab cache is a type of cache and the cache size (virtual but not really) is irrelevant. Being able to do a top finders of lab caches is trivial.

The problem is everything else that the Top Finders page supports. Lab caches do not have country information, so setting country options would cause problems. Similarly there is no size, difficulty, terrain or anything else that the Top Finders page supports. You could do a Top Finders world wide, but not per country.

For this reason lab caches are held in a separate database and so are not included with many of the tools. One solution (that was discussed and rejected some time ago) was to turn them into real caches - eg size virtual, D0, T0, But there is still problems with the other missing data.

In short it can't be done because a lab cache does not follow the normal geocache rules for what a geocache is.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.8k points)
Thank you for explanation. But every LAB cache has information about location = exact coordinates.The software "Adventure LAB" works with these coordinates. That might be enough to create a leaderboard fo LAB caches.
PS: How can I make trivially top findings?
AFAIK not all the lab caches have coordinates and I am not sure if they are accessible through API. If it would be, it would be trivial.