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Kann man nicht die Lab-Caches von andere Benutzer sehen? Meine Lab-Caches kann ich nur selbst sehen..

in Support and help by Kaffeejunkie14 (130 points)
Can you try to use English as the rest of us so the question is understandable to the rest of the world? Can you be more specific where you can not see others lab caches?
Z.B. BMG70, Hechtesser usw. kann ich nicht sehen. Andere z.B. TigreToot kan ich sehen. Warum kann sie nicht anzeigen, obwohl sie viele Adventure lab besucht hat?

2 Answers

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After using a translator on your question and description I read:

Lab caches visible to other users? Can't you see other users' lab caches? I can only see my lab caches myself .. 

Try this link and type in TigreToot in the profile name field and you should be able to see my lab caches.

When I did that for your screen name I was able to see all of your lab caches.

by TigreToot (21.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
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Lab caches are part of profile statistics only for paying members as described in the Membership page:

For others, the Lab caches are not included in the profile statistics.

Other possibility is the user configured his/her statistics to not include Lab caches through Settings on the profile stats page:
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)