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New AddOn for County Badges

+4 votes
First if all thank you for the re-design of the badges and the great idea of AddOns. I really like it and slkready created new ideas for caching trips out of it.

For the country badges I would remove the 366 badge as I really think it is to hard to get 366 matrix completed in foreign countries.
Instead I would like to see AddOns for distinct Cachetypes, D5, T5, Challenge, oldest cache in country added.

Hope to see additional addons in future.

asked Jul 13 in Feature requests by Ranger_23 (190 points)
I think the point of the add-ons is they are hard to achieve. But I like the idea of having an add-on for the oldest cache in country.
Hard is not a good reason to not have an award. In fact, it makes the award even more valuable. A number of badges addons are hard. Have you tried to get a 366 addon for T5 caches? heck, even a diamond T5 is hard!

Oldest cache addon onto a country badge is a great idea.

What do you mean by distinct cachetypes? Do you want to have a addon for traditional cache and one for multi cache etc on the T5 badge? Note that there are a limited numbers of slots for addons, and adding space on a badge for 20 more addons (20 cache types) is not feasible.
The oldest cache in each country addon is a great idea and hopefully that can be added.  I'm not sure if the other requested addons will be feasible.  Not that I will ever be able to achieve it but the 366 addon should continue even though it is one of the most difficult to accomplish.
I have really no problem with challenging tasks. I just think there are more interesting and helpfull add ons for country badges then 366.
I would be interested in statistic how many cachers have a 366 addon on any country not there home country. I guess is nearly nobody except a few who moved aboard
distinkt cachtyes should be the number of dirent cachetypes found in that country. I have often see things like this in challenges and I think it is an additional motivation to do different thinks in a country, not only the Tradi at the airport...

3 Answers

+1 vote
Also I hope that there are some Addons in the future like oldest, highest, perphaps north, south, east, west.

But not all at once. Just one by one so we all can be happy when a new AddOn is coming and we see it a a challenge to get these AddOns.
answered Jul 15 by supertwinfan (14,050 points)
+1 vote
I'd like to suggest to also add the already existing GeoTour AddOn to country badges. Keep the AddOn the same, just add a check if one was completed in the particular country.
answered Jul 21 by NLBokkie (2,940 points)
+2 votes
I add your suggestion to the list, thanks for that. I can't promise they will come (soon), though.

However, some issues remain:
Oldest (same with N/E/S/W) requires a manual list for every country. It has to be maintained with seconds/thirds, because caches may be archived, although that would be only a minor problem. Bigger problem (for N/E/S/W) is: Say you found the northernmost at that time. If a cache gets published that is even further north, you would lose the award. We want to keep awards permanent, whenever possible (sometimes it might not, see Jasmer, Favorite or Author badge, or Country badges when there is some political change).

A non-PGC option for European countries might be, where you can manually generate badges for NESW,oldest,highest,lowest for European countries.

Distinct cache types has been requested a couple of times, it is on the list, we have to get creative there though in terms of implementation. The AddOn should be a "goal to achieve", not necessarily a "current status". So it would be rather an AddOn for say "Diamond Diverse" in a country than an updating number.

Limited space: We are limited to 6 AddOn slots, and are currently using 4 for Countries. So we won't be able to implement everything. :)
answered Jul 22 by clappy (9,770 points)