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+3 votes
in Support and help by MMEandK (240 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes

Just use the PCG start page.:

Above !!  of the statistics with finds, milestones etc. you see 3 grey "buttons". The middel one: "Create dynamic image HTML code" is the one you need.

The explanation next to it is: "If you want these statistics shown on, this is the prefered way. By pasting a short block of html code into Edit Profile you will get an image that automatically updates itself. The image will link here for more details."

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Thank you, I have just tried following the PCG start page link you provided on two different browsers and in each environment get an internal server error:
"Internal server error (5f0f978573afc0.22272253)"
That must be an issue at your browser. Cloud you please delete all cookies and your Browsercache.
Not an issue of the browser. His statistics looks like broken. You can see the same error when displaying his statistics here:
Sounds like a bug in PGC.
I don't see an error when I click on above link.  I'm using Chrome.
It is probably fixed since morning. Now, it works fine. It probably takes also some time to generate the stats after initial sign up.
Great you helped him. Always like the support of the PCG Team.
+2 votes

This issue is now resolved.

Thank you very much to all those who assisted and offered advice.

The issue appeared to be two-fold; an authentication delay, not making the links available, which appeared to resolve itself with time, and then subsequently, a bug on the website where I received the 'internal error' page display. This bug now appears to be rectified and upon being able to complete the provided instructions, the process worked as described.

Thanks again for all the assistance.

I am now off to analyse my stats and target some gaps! smiley

by MMEandK (240 points)
Great news and good luck.
+1 vote
You go to the Profile Stats page and click the Create dynamic image HTML code button and then follow the instructions from there.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (164k points)
Thanks for your help. I have tried that but I cannot see the Create dynamic image HTML code button. Can you confirm these instructions are still valid?
Yes, this is still valid. Just above the actual stats you will find three buttons; this is the middle one.
Thanks. This link is now available to me, it was greyed out yesterday. However, selecting it displays an internal server error.
+1 vote
Grayed out suggests you need to Authenticate.  If the buttons are no longer grayed out, then, you have Authenticated (signed into PGC).  Check back and look to see if PGC has updated your statistics.  Non-paying users takes 7 days.  Paying members have updates every 24 hours.

If the problem persists, I would suggest creating a support ticket for help.  You will need to be signed in.  Look in the upper right corner for your screen name and click on the drop down.  Click on the Settings option.  Then, look in upper right corner and you see an orange Support button.  Use the 4th option in the drop down to start a support ticket.  Good luck.
by TigreToot (26.5k points)