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In Tools/Gallery there are photos shown in double. (totals shown in project-gc are different than totals shwon in It appears for one cache or a list into VGPS. and you can see not only for me and in different conditions
in Bug reports by Pepegeo (9.7k points)
edited by Pepegeo
I have provided an example link in my comment below.  Yes, it does appear like there is a bug in PGC.
The images shown in project GC are those on caches you own, uploaded by finders and images you have uploaded - they are listed in two groups
The top list are 'Cache images' - ones added to caches you own
The bottom group are 'Log images' - ones you have added to your finds

The images shown in the gallery on GC are just images YOU have uploaded - this figure should be the same as the count for the bottom group (or very similar at least) it is in my case

I believe this is why there may be the differences you see
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Please don't try to explain, if you don't check yourself
Thanks for checking.
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After investigating it for myself, I discovered that the pictures are indeed displaying duplicated.  If you remove your Profile Name and, only use a GC code from a cache that you found and uploaded pictures, you will see they are duplicated.  I'm not sure what is causing that unless there is a bug in PGC.

Try this link where I recently found a cache, uploaded the only 6 pictures and yet they are shown as duplicated
Still the case
By the way still the case
By the way still the case, for me it's a bug not a feature

1 Answer

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Doubles as well for me, groundspeak shows X pictures, PGC gallery shows 2X pictures for all caches I have tested with.  Will this be fixed?
by Gamma5 (150 points)