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Is there a way to show all caches where I logged a DNF but have later found? I have caches where I log a DNF then later come back find it and log a new Found Log. Just want to only see active caches. Do not really care about archived ones.
in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (6.6k points)
edited by WanderingExplorer
Other than the 'Didn't find it' list under Logs in your Dashboard, I don't know of any tools that will display this on PGC.  I tried to experiment with the Custom Filters but couldn't figure out how to get it to display only DNF logged caches.

I have had limited success setting up my own Custom Filters i.e. I just figured out how to find caches using Map Compare to show me only caches with the Attribute: Not Tourist Friendly
I could not find an easy way to do it but am intrigued by the idea.
Why not make it a feature request to pgc?

1 Answer

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The only solution I can find is a very limited partial solution.
In click your name then in the left menu Logs > Didn't find it. This lists all your DNFs. Any cache listed with a heart is a cache you have awarded a favourite  on, which means you have since found it.

Otherwise you could click on each cache to verify if you have since logged a find.

I know, not a nice solution to your request.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
selected by WanderingExplorer
Thanks for the response however I was aware of this approach, but it does not get me what I was looking for in a easy way.