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+9 votes
The farther down the list you go, the more of a disconnect there is between the first two columns and the rest of the columns. I would attach a screen shot, but this format won't let me.
in Bug reports by tumbleweed42 (790 points)
It might be helpful if you were to provide details on what and where you were searching.
Already reported since years, using chrome
Workaround is to restar or go up to top again
I don’t use Chrome. I’m on a Mac.
What browser are you using? (Safari?)  And where/what are you searching?
Safari, yes.
Crazy that of all the cachers on this site, the one to answer is from my neck of the woods! Love your caches, TrendyMagic!
I know! Funny when you virtually run into people you know.

I've tried a few different pages in Safari for searching here at the site and I can't see the issue you had.  What page were you on when you saw the issue?
1) I use Chrome on desktop, tablets and mobiles
2) the (advanced) Search result functions ok that is: the Cache ID scrolls in-line with it line contents, but...
3) the moment I sort on another column the asynchrosnism starts.

Yes there is an issue.

1 Answer

–2 votes
By the way still the case when using Chrome
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
Not an answer please consider converting to a comment.  Thank you.