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+3 votes
Can you add an option to the Hidden Month tool to only consider months 'found' if the caches are from a certain country or region? Or is there a custom filter that can be used to accomplish the same?

I'd like to use this option or custom query to create a list of caches to fulfill a challenge like (checker:, without having to go through each missing month one by one.
in Feature requests by laantje (250 points)

3 Answers

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I researched this to see if I could find anything that would help but no luck.  After reviewing custom filters, I did not see anything that would help you.

Unfortunately, you will have to go month-by-month using the Map compare tool.  I tried it for January 2009 at the following link:

You can narrow the scope by filtering regions.  I hope that this will help you.  Good luck.

by TigreToot (26.5k points)
selected by laantje
Thanks for checking, my experience with custom filters is limited, and I could not find it. That's why I posted this in Feature requests. Good to know this is the correct place. I will make a list using Map Compare and going month by month indeed.
I am glad that I was able to help out and thank you for choosing my answer as best.
0 votes

Not exact what you want but perhaps a work around.

You can use the MapHiddenDate tool. Filter Netherland and add a filter with a center/Radius (middle Netherland) and use some 100km.

Yes - you will also get some in Germany or Belgium. But you get your missing ones in the Netherland.

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Sorry, but I don't think this works, as it will still consider as found caches and dates or months where I have only found caches outside The Netherlands, and thus not propose those dates/months.
Think it will work as a work around. But sorry - I mean the MapHiddenMonth tool
0 votes
Try to us the

Please filter to Netherland and try N52 04.168 E005 41.775 as center and radius 100km and see what you get.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
That does not change the results, it still only shows caches from 2001-12-xx and 2020-04-xx. Looking at the checker for the requested option / additional filter would also display caches from the months ...
2002: February, June, September, October, November, December
2003: January, February, April
2004: April, July, December
2005: January, May, November
2006: August, November
2007: October
2009: January
... because I have not found caches *located in the Netherlands* that where placed in those months.
Sorry that this doesn't help as expected. Saw that you already have found 232 hidden months out of 243. So you only get 11 missing month in Netherlands (if there is a cache in Netherlands with these 11 month).
Would have been an work around if you had less month found.

Sorry that someone did not like my workaround and downvoted my suggestion.