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+1 vote
Hope we get some more news soon what that means in detail.
Do A-Labs get a GC code like LC or AL (AdventureLab) ? Do A-labcaches get coordinates and we get all the statistics like "normal"  caches - like country, height, nearest...

Great would be an integration in all kinds of maps as we just could see normal caches AND an AdventureLab within a map.

Perhaps we all can collect some feature requests so it would be much easier for GC to fullfil some "like to have"
in Feature requests by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Suggest editing out the question header starting with "Hope..." and replacing with a shortened version of the questions "Do A-Labs get a GC codes, coordinates, and statistical identifiers?  Then, provide details in the explanation section.

It's difficult to understand if there is a question to be answered when viewing the thread headers.
For the moment, Adventure Labs are treated and counted the same way as normal Lab caches. I would not expect that to change as both a virtual.
You probably should put this on the Geocaching forums, rather than Project-GC,

1 Answer

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I guess we will have to wait and see. For a "wanted feature list" it might be better to post in the official gc forum, although I don't think a list will make a difference.

Regarding info, stats etc. Right now they have "retired" old Labcaches with Adventure Labs.
Those are at least supposed to be integrated at the website/map. But for interpretation of stats etc there might be a problem: If the "new" Adventure Labs get more meta data (even retrospectively), the old Labs will not, but they are the same "cache type" stat-wise. So it could be that for say  statistics evaluation some will be useable but many will not.

Personally, I would have just retired the old Lab concept and created a new cache type AL, so they don't interfere.
by clappy (15.3k points)