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+6 votes

Possibly it is mistake at my end:

Top Finders chart used to show stacked horizontal bars divided by years - each year in different color. This was very helpful visual indicator of progress of each individual player. For couple of days, I can only see blue bars, without stacked years.

Am I doing anything wrong, or is it gone for some reason?

Thank you.

in Bug reports by Rikitan (3.6k points)
Yep, does it for me too, can't find any option or other query to provide the monthly brakdown.
Nothing you are doing is wrong since it appears the same way for me too.
I'm finding the same thing.  Very annoying because I use this feature for working out who is eligible for the Australian Hall of Fame awards.  I need to see who has found a cache each year, which now can't be done.
We have the same problem. Would it be possible for admin to advise us on what has happened here? Is it a permanent change in the Statistics?
Same problem here. Tried to filter the years like 2013 to 2018 but I still get only one bar with the sum.

So I hope for a bug an not a (new) feature with (less) information of a monthly brakedown..
I'll add my 2 cents and repeat what everyone else has said that it is happening to me even after I tried different filters.  More up votes will help to increase the urgency to add it to the To Do list.  Well, that is my theory anyway, LOL.
Agreed.  It was a nice feature to be able to see which of the top finders were active in an area and which were not. I hope that this feature can be restored.
Still not fixed?
I also miss this. Has anyone posted the problem to the Project-GC Support?

1 Answer

+4 votes
This is due to a change in the code back in the begining of july. My understanding is that since this was removed to increase the performance of the site it will not be added back. (Source: Facebook post by Magnus in local facebookgroup.)

I have suggested to PGC to make the information available somewhere else on the site, either as a new page or as a part of Stat compare or something and got positive feedback on that, but I would assume that this is not high priority at the moment. :)
by Pleu (46.9k points)
Thank you for answer, Pleu. It's a bit shame, because those bars were giving me information value, which is not accessible elsewhere, also for my reviewer role. I could see whether is certain player caching regularly in certain country, region, or county - helpful when reviewing caching hidden far from their home. Looking forward to see it elsewhere, maybe one day.
Always nice to see a helpful answer that solves a mystery.  Thanks for letting us know.  It will be missed.
No problem, I'm just happy to help. :)

About your reviewer-problem Rikitan: My best sugestion for a workaround is that you can filter Top Finders to only show logs between specific dates. It's more searches for you but I'm thinking that maybe one without a date restriction and one with a restriction for the last year would give you a pretty good picture of the situation for those cases.

I don't know if this is something you use very often tho, then I understand it will be annoying and you might have to consider switching to an other way to handle those COs.