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I am regularly getting these - most are from cachers who appear to have 'opted out' and these are old logs dating back several years - I am aware there are other threads on this but my question hasn't been answered on those (I don't believe) hence asking this as a new question

Is it possible to see what the amendements are ?

I get the notification -  have to trawl through all the logs to get to the relevant one but I am just looking at a log - I have no idea what the original log was or what, in that was amended 

I am not informed of any of this in the "we have detected 1 new edited logs on 1 geocaches that you own." email that I recieve as a notifier 

Have I missed how to get this information ?
Can I get this information ?
How is this of any use if I am not able to compare the two ?

Thanks in advance

in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (12.0k points)

2 Answers

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AFAIK it was discussed somewhere that PGC did not have all the logs stored (because it is really large amount of data) so it was not possible to show the difference. Probably only some checksum was stored together with some length for statistics calculation. Not sure if this changed since then.
Groundspeak does not store history of log edits either (at least not publicly) so there is really no way to get what changed unless you have stored the original email from groundspeak (with your owner log notification) and compare it manually.
With all the opt-out mail flood it is harder to manage, but it can be certainly useful if you receive edited log notification on challenge to do fast check as it is probably a change of the log type. For other caches it is mostly out of curiosity,
by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
selected by Deepdiggingmole
Thank you - This was my main concern - but how do you know if it is a change of log type if you have no information about the changes - if it is change of log type (and it doesn't have to be a challenge cache for this to be more than curiosity) then it be useful to see the amendments and changes of log - some may be looking to change a DNF to a found many years after the event hoping the CO wont notice - I had hoped this notifier would advise of that
+2 votes
What I use as a workaround: In GSAK (doesn't actually matter which tool, that's just the one I'm using) I have a DB with my hides and regulary refresh them with all logs. Thus I have an offline archive that I can compare against.

Not very elegant but the only way I'm aware of.
by kamla (1.1k points)