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+1 vote
I would like to get more detailed statistics of my finds.

As an example: how many caches have I found before 2020-01-01 or how many since 2019-10-31?

Other filter options would also be nice, country, cache type e.g.

Is it possible to implement?


in Feature requests by yxza (270 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

One idea is to use the tool MapCompare

WIthin MapCompare you can filter the logdate from oder logdate until or a special time from/until

You found 591 caches sincs 31.10.2019

by supertwinfan (17.4k points)
Thanks a lot. Project-gc has more under the hood than I have yet discovered.
Hello, I just tried your suggestion, but.....
I asked for caches found between 2010-01-01 and 2020-0101-. Project-gc answered an odd 7000 caches. I then filtered with the same terms in GSAK and got an odd 10000 caches as a hit. Something is definitely wrong.
By default, Map Compare assumes you are planning for a cache trip and only shows caches that are active. If you want to see (and thus include in the count) caches that are disabled or archived, you need to add the Show Disabled / Archived filter and check the boxes in that.
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I ran your screen name and came up with 10414 caches but it surpassed the limit of 10,000 meaning you have to narrow the search.

This was the link I used with filters activated

I believe you need to start the date logged filter with the same day you started caching which is 7/13/2011.  Also you need to activate show disabled and archived caches filter.

You might also be interested in the progress tool located under Statistics - Profile at the following link

by TigreToot (21.5k points)
0 votes

My idea was to use MapCompare for more detailed statistics. Esp. MapCompare and / or progress tool are a good start. 

As you will see a lot of tools and statistics have additional filters like date/from date/to.  So you will find some "hidden" features to get more detailed statistics.

by supertwinfan (17.4k points)
And if the filtering and sorting is still not enough, you can add all the caches to Virtual GPS (requires paid membership) and there is much more options what to filter and sort.