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+1 vote

Is there a tool that will help me to find out which dates do I need to proceed with The Calendar Cacher badge?

in Support and help by Jedelákovi (180 points)

3 Answers

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You will need to use the link located below the 'Finds by found date'  You can see the 'Finds by found date' by scrolling down from the Finds tab of your Profile Stats.

For those still working on their first loop like I am, the link will identify which dates you still need to fill in with a 0 and a red shaded block.  Once you have accomplished your first loop, you would need to use the loop filter to identify which dates you need to progress to the next loop.  When I ran it for your profile using loop 4 filter, the following dates were highlighted in red: 27 Jan, 22 Sep, 30 Nov, and 17 Dec. It is for paid members only and I see from your Profile stats that you are. Good luck.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
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I think you are looking for this tool:
for PM you can use it also for next loops 

Basically you can use calendar from statistics :) 

by TominoTO (2.1k points)
This is not the correct tool.  The 366 badge is not mapping hidden date but it is mapping what day you found a cache.
sorry, missclick
This is the correct one
This tool does not help. As you may see from my profile statistics I have founds on 1505 caching days.
I have at least three finds on every calendar day and four days are missing for the fourth loop.

The 366 badge shows 1461 days and 3 missing to the next level.

And the hint says, that this badge is "Awarded for finding caches on % or more different calendar days".

The NeededFoundDate does not show that I might go caching today unless the total finds for today is less then the expected loop regardles how many caching days I have for the previous years for this date.
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With you will see that you already got a good statistiks.

But I would reccomend to use the filters and define some goals.

When you try to get another round 5 ( you should also try to fill your calender dates with cachetypes

This will help to fill your calender AND get a second statistic while doing this. I would take another year if you do it step by step. Myself I use the round, tradi and mysty filter at the sam time to fulfill all 3 statistics within a year.

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Thanks. I am aware of these features. I used this tool to have micro, small, traditional for every day. Now I need to find some last mystery. Regular and multi are trickier for me.

The badge has a hint that it is "Awarded for finding caches on % or more different calendar days" - that does not imply that it is only about the number of loops.
It is my understanding that the % is only used in the process of achieving the first loop where you graduate from bronze all the way to diamond.  Once that first loop is awarded then it only tracks what days are missing for you to achieve subsequent loops.  Once this process starts it's no longer about percentages.

Your original question and description didn't specify you were looking for fine-tuned capabilities. Had that been the case, I would have provided a better answer.  No worries.